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Technology has changed lives. Now more and more shoes brands are analyzing their own technology. A lot of technology has made that cheap Yeezys real shoe a must-have for many people, even if the price is high. It is must have. Comfort is the first consideration in any case. Let’s take a look at the technologies that make each of your brands amazing.

Adidas has released what is known as the most comfortable technology, yes, adidas really opened up the era of comfortable Cheap Yeezys Real shoes. This material has a certain relationship with its shape. It is the same as the principle of popcorn. The hard TPU becomes such a soft boost, just like the production process of popcorn.

YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 The exposure information of the new “Butter” color matching. The new disc photo, successfully recalled many fans’ attention. According to YEEZY MAFIA, YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 will release a new 3 double color in this summer. Each pair will be released in June, July and August, including “Butter”, “Sesame” and “Cream White” which is rumored to return. These three pairs of color are displayed in pure color, eliminating the strong visual side brush and “SPLY-350” lettering, and successfully create a fresh summer color.

Adidas Zoom Air

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In order to compete with adidas’ boost technology, it also launched a new technology of react. This new technology has a high degree of rebound, and the level of wrinkles is relatively lower than the technology of Zoom Fly. Everyone should have seen KD’s pair of shoes as basketball. It is the use of technology. KD’s new signature shoes not only use this technology, but also combine Zoom, I believe it will have a good sense of foot.

Even Nike’s most profitable technology is Zoom Air, the most original technology that has become the most representative of Nike. This technology was born in 1995, and Nike still uses this technology. Whether you are in basketball shoes, casual shoes or running shoes, you can see him. In addition to the pressure inside the name, it is inseparable from the role of nylon fiber.

The effect of this high cushioning has played an effective role in assisting the acceleration of athletes. However, in fact, Zoom Air’s rebound will only perform better when it is in motion, but it is generally comfortable when worn.

This kind of soft technology started out in the adidas running shoes, but because the running shoes can not be made too soft, because this will make the athletes not get the support during the running process, so the adidas will be released later. Use this technology, and Cheap Yeezys Real shoes is much softer than running shoes and other sports shoes. Many toes call this feeling “hi-squat”, but think Know how soft it is.

How to tie the laces is good-looking. If you are usually in the toe, I believe that these shoelaces technology can solve your distress. Many shoelaces technology will make you shine.